Publications of Faculty of Medicine:OTOACOUSTIC EMISSION IN CASES OF PRESBYACUOSIS: Abstract

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This study conducted, on 100 cases divided into two groups the study group included 60 patients with mean age 68.48% + 8.8. the control group included 40 persons with mean age 33.90% + 7.77 years, all of them subjected to pure tone audiometery, immitancemetery and transient evoked otoacoustic emission (IEOAE). All patients showed diminusion of hearing at all frequencies, all patients had normal tympanogram (Type A) except 20% showed negative middle ear pressure (Type C). 55.75% of the patients showed absent acoustic reflex. The study group showed absent 50% ofTEOAE at 1.2, 3 and 4 KHz with decreased amplitude and wave reproducibility. We concluded that TEOAE response decreased substan tially with age and there was a good correlation between band reproduci bility and pure tone audiometery also between band reproducibility and acoustic reflex at 1 KHz and there was a good relationship between ab sence of acoustic reflex and absence ofTEOAE all, 2 and 4 KHz.