Publications of Faculty of Medicine:The use of the mrcrodebrider and the operating microscope in septoplast: Abstract

The use of the mrcrodebrider and the operating microscope in septoplast
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Septoplasty, although conceptually simple, remains technically difficult Many septoplasty techniques have been described in the literature. In this study the technology of powered microdebrider was used for correction of septal deviation in septoplasty operations. A simple modification based on lateral extension of septal incision on the nasal floor was used. This was followed by dealing only with the deviated parts of the nasal septum by a microdebrider,,(using a bone-cutting blade), after meticulous dissection 6f the mucosal flaps using the operating microscope. Up to our knowledge this technique has not been described before. In 30 patients who completed the follow up, 90% ofp atients improved while 6.7% developed recurrence of symptoms after improvement. Septal perforation was seen in 3.3% of cases and it was permanent. The complications were in the form of hemorrhage, adhesions, limited septal haematoma and septal perforation. Crusting was an unusual event and occurred in 6.7 Vo of patients. Localized septal haematoma occurred in 6.7% of patients. Bleeding during the procedure was troublesome in 3.3% of cases. Post-operative adhesions occurred in 3.3% of cases.