Publications of Faculty of Medicine:TNF-a IN NIDDM, OBESE AND NON OBESE PERSONS: Abstract

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Adipocytes are producing a variety of molecules that are capable of functioning in both a paracrine and autocrine fashion, tumor necrosis factor alpha is one of these molecules that has been shown to be elevated in obese and diabetic patients a finding which was correlated to insulin resistance, lipid abnormalities and certain types of obesity. Patients and Methods: the present study was conducted on 46 persons ; 26 diabetics, 10 obese non diabetic and 10 non obese non diabetic persons. All of them were subjected to the following investigations: weight, height, BMI, W/ H ratio, fat%, lipid profile. HBAI c and TNFa determination. Results: It was found that there is a significant elevation of (LDL, TG, cholesterol. VLDL, • fasting blood glucose, HBA lc and TNFa) in diabetic group as compared to control non obese group. The same situation applies to the difference between diabetic group and obese non-diabetic group when comparing (7'G. cholesterol, VLDL, fasting blood glucose. HBA lc and TNFa). Comparing obese and non obese normal persons, it was found TNFa was insignificantly elevated. Correlating TNFa with different other parameters showed the following findings; in group 1 there was a positive correlation with BMI and fat% while there was no significant correlation with W/ H ratio, in groups 2 and 3 there was no significant correlation between TlVFa and any of the different parameters, interestingly, making this correlation in the whole sample (26 diabetic patients, 10 non obese normal persons and 10 obese non diabetic persons) it was found that TlVFa is significantly correlated to Will ratio. LDL, cholesterol, VLDL. fasting blood glucose and HBAlc. Conclusion: our results show that TNFa is significantly elevated in diabetic group more than other group and is related to fat% and BMI, this confirms the results of the previous studies and stresses its