Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Cardioprotective effect el kisopirolol in hypercholesteroleatic rats: Abstract

Cardioprotective effect el kisopirolol in hypercholesteroleatic rats
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The present study aimed to investigate the possibility of cardioprotective effect of bisoprolol, recently introduced vasodilator f3- adrenoceptor antagonist, against isoprenaline-induced acute myocardial infarction in hypercholesterolemic rats. Acute hypercholesterolemiainduced experimentally in male albino rat using 2% cholesterol-enriched chow diet for feeding them for one month. Twelve hypercholesterolemic animals were subdivided into two groups: bisoprolol-treated group (n = 6) and saline-treated rats were (n = 6). Saline-treated non hypercholesterolemic rats (n = 6) were used as a control group for the both hypercholesterolemic groups. All rats underwent experiment myocardial global ischemia using a high i.p. single dose of isoprenaline. Serum creating kinase activity, electrocardiographic changes and myocardial infarct size area are three indices were used to estimate the extent of myocardial damage. The cardiac damage in hypercholesterolemic rats was much greater than control diet fed rats. Bisoprolol treatment for one month showed cardioprotective effect against isoprenaline-induced ischemia. Acute hypercholesterolemia exaggerated the severity of myocardial damage and bisoprolol montherapy treatment expressed a cardioprotective effect against acute ischemia even in hypercholesterolemic conditions.