Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Soluble E-Selectin Serum Levels In Psoriasis: Correlation with Disease Activity : Abstract

Soluble E-Selectin Serum Levels In Psoriasis: Correlation with Disease Activity
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Soluble E-selectin is an adhesion molecule expressed on vascular endothelium in several inflammatory skin diseases including pS0 /*Isis. It mediates the adhesion between activated endothelium and neutrophils. monocytes, eosinophils and subsets of T-cells. A soluble Jinn of Eselectin was identified and regarded to be an adequate marker of endothelial activation. To evaluate the role of E-selectin as a marker of disease activity in psoriasis, its serum level was nzeasured by ELISA technique in 30 patients with plaque-type psoriasis before and after four weeks therapy with topical glucocorticoids in ointment for171. 15 normal non psoriatic individuals were used as a commit group. Soluble E-selectin levels were significantly increased in psoriatic patients compared to normal subjects. Clinical improvement after treatment in patients with psoriasis was associated with a significant decrease of Eselectin serum levels. A significant correlation between serum E-selectin values and PASI scores was also dejected P<0.05. In conclusion soluble E-selectin let'el could be used as a good parameter in monitoring disease activity in psoriasis