Publications of Faculty of Medicine:EFFECT OF HYPERTENSION ON PULMONARY FUNCTIO: Abstract

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Thirty hypertensives and ten normal control subjects were included in the study, all had a normal left ventricular systolic function, no clinical or radiological pulmonary disease, fifteen hypertensives had diastolic dysfunction. Echo-Doppler and ventilatory pulmonary function studies were done for all. There was a significant inverse relation between E/ A ratio and both the age and level of BP in hypertensive, but a significant direct relation with EF. Hypertensives with normal diastolic function showed a significant de- crease in F.E. VI and M. V. V and a significant increase in F.E. VI/ F. V.0 but still within the normal range. Hypertensives with diastolic dysfunction had a combined obstructive- restrictive ventilatory dysfunction as represented by a significant de- crease in V. C, F.V. C, F. E. F and M. V. V. less than normal range. How- ever the effect of hypertension on small airways was insignificant. * B.P = Blood Pressure * E.F = Ejection Fraction" * F.E. V1= Forced Expiratory Volume at the first second * M. V. V = Maximal Volarttary Ventilation * F.V.C. = Forced Vital Capacity. * V. C. = Vital Capacity. * P. E.F = Peak Expiratory Flow.