Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Study of Oxidants Stress and Some Antioxidants in Lung Cancer: Abstract

Study of Oxidants Stress and Some Antioxidants in Lung Cancer
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This work was created to explain the possible relationship between lipid peroxide levels (as an indicator for oxidant stress) and vitamins A and E levels (as indicators for antioxidants) and the occurrence of lung cancer. This study included 30 patients with pathological diagnosis of lung cancer and ten healthy subjects (control). The patients and control were subjected to medical history, P-A and lateral views, routine investigations, spirometric function. For cancer cases, the following were done: sputum cytology, fiberoptic bronchoscopy. Lipid peroxides and vitamins (A and E) were estimated in serum and BAL. Lipid peroxides were measured by colorimetric method while vitamin A and E were measured by HPLC. There was a significant increase in lipid peroxides levels in patients versus control (p value < 0.005), but there was non significant difference in lipid peroxides levels in both serum and BAL between different pathological types of lung cancer. Vitamins (A and E) levels were significantly lower in BAL and serum of patients than control (p value <0.005). There was significant positive correlation between serum levels of lipid peroxides, vitamins A and Land their BAL levels. In conclusion, oxidants stress of which lipids peroxidants is an important manifestation appears to be involved in the pathogenesis of lung cancer. INTRODUCTION