Publications of Faculty of Medicine:STUDY OF CELLULAR AND HUMORAL IMMUNITY : Abstract

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Peripheral blood T-lymphocytes and their subsets together with serum imrnunoglobulins levels (Ig G,A and M.) were determined in 40 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (20 patients with inactive pulmonary tuberculosis = group H and 20 patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis = group 111) and 10 healthy individuals as a control (group I). All subjects were assessed clinically, radiologically, bacteriologically and by tuberculin testing. Active tuberculosis (group III) was associated with significant increase in Ig G and Ig M levels, insignificant increase in Ig A level, highly significant decrease of absolute total lymphocytes, insignificant decrease of T1%, highly significant decrease of absolute T3, highly significant decrease of Ta% and absolute T4, highly significant increase of Ts% and highly significant decrease of T4/T8 ratio. Patients with inactive pulmonary tuberculosis (group II) showed near normal values of serum immunoglobulins (Ig G, M and A), T3, Ti, Ts and T4/ Ts ratio. Changes in the parameters of humoral and cellular immunity have no correlation to E S R, radiological extent of the disease or to tuberculin test.