Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Role of Giardia lamblia in nosocomial infection in children: Abstract

Role of Giardia lamblia in nosocomial infection in children
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Several attempts were carried out to determine the magnitude of nosocomial infection as a health care problem world wide. This study is a trial to evaluate the nosocomial infection caused by parasitic protozoan Giardia lamblia among children admitted to the inpatient clinics of Benha University and Benha Specialized Hospitals and to trace the source of infection. 70 children were subjected to the study as well as 18 contacts and healthy workers in addition to 36 water samples. Human infection was investigated by stool examination of 3 successive samples 3 days apart then repeated after 15 days. All samples were examined by direct, iodine staining, formol ether concentration as well as ELISA coproantigen detection techniques for Giardia lamblia; while water samples were examined microscopically by direct and filtration techniques as well as ELISA antigen detection for Giardia lamblia parasite. Results Out of 70 children 23 were detected to catch Giardia infection from hospital, they aged 1-5 years, infection rate is higher in immunocompromised cases, cases from rural areas and that from hospital food.(nosocomial infection prevalence rate of Giardiasis is 22.86%). f