Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Microalbuminuria, Endocrinal and Metabolic Disorders as Predictors of Hypertension: Abstract

Microalbuminuria, Endocrinal and Metabolic Disorders as Predictors of Hypertension
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The present work aimed to study microalbuminuria, endocrinal and metabolic disorders that may predict hypertension. One hundred and thirty subjects were classified into three groups; group I patients with essential hypertension (50 patients), group II nonnotensive offsprings with family history of hypertension (50 subjects) and group III healthy normotensive subjects (30 subjects). The study confirmed that many of the components of hypertension syndrome as metabolic abnormalities (increased total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides and hyperhomocystinemia), renal abnormalities (microalbuminuria) and endocrinal abnormalities (increased plasma insulin, norepinephrine, renin and endothelin levels) precede the onset of high blood pressure. So, early identification and treatment of them will have a more significant impact on the course of the disease.