Publications of Faculty of Medicine:HBV AND HCV AMONG VOLUNTEER BLOOD DONORS: Abstract

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During the period between April 1992 and May 1995, 3576 volunteer blood donors had their sera tested for : HBsAg, HCV (antibodies) by ELISA II and ALT. Sera with high ALT were retested for: ABA, AMA and Anti Bilharzial Antibodies. Results 80 volunteers were HBsAg +ve (2.2%), among them only 3 cases (3.8%) had their ALT elevated. HCV antibodies were +ve in 312 (8.7%) volunteers, among them 39 cases had elevated ALT (12.6%). 28 cases had their sera +ye for both HBsAg and HCV Ab (0.8%), among them 4 cases had elevated ALT (14.3%). 6 cases had their ALT elevated with all other tests -ye (HBsAg, HCV Ab, ABA. AMA and Anti Bilharzial Ab). Conclusion: 1. There is significant reduction in the prevalence rate of HBV among Egyptians reflecting a significant increase in the health services. 2. Prevalence rate of HCV among the tested sample is much lower than previously recorded rates and this clarify the urgent need for a national project to estimate the true prevalence of HCV among different communities as it looks that the differences in the prevalence rate of HCV are due to the difference in the tested samples. 3. Most of HCV antibodies +ve cases might be either inactive cases or carriers. 4. ALT testing should not be used as a lone test for blood transfusion safety as most cases with HCV +ve antibodies had their ALT normal. 5. There is a possibility of the presence of Non -B Non-C virus among Egyptian blood donors. HBsAg = Hepatitis B Surface Antigen. HCV = Hepatitis C Virus. ALT = Alardne Amino-Transferase. ASA = Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibodies. AMA = Anti-Mitochondrial Antibodies. Ab = Antibody.