Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Nitroglycerin as an erectile agent, evaluation of its possiple effects on spermatozoa and teratogenicity: Abstract

Nitroglycerin as an erectile agent, evaluation of its possiple effects on spermatozoa and teratogenicity
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Nitric oxide (No) donners are used topic* fbr treatment of impotence . This use leads to contamination of ejaculated sperms with this agents and also there is a chance of difibsion of these agents to the embryo (if it is present). This work was designed to evalu ate the effect of nitroglycerin adhesive patches (nitroderm 'ITS-5) which is a donne:- of Nokised topicalOon human spermatozao and rat's embryo. Semen samples were obtained from fertile donners, patients with varicocele and _onitents with chronic prostatitis,each sample was examined for viability and motility,. in presence or in absence of nitroglycerin . Samples from fertile mates were examined for via bility and motility in presence of Nitroglycerin or I lam tio . Nitroglycerin imporoved viability and motility of sperms obtained from fertile men significantly (13e-0.05). Nitroglycerin caused insignificant (P>0.5) inprovment of sperm viability and the improvinent in sperm motility reached significant level at 3, 5111 and 6.1.11. hour in samples obtained from patients with iraricocele. Samples obtained from patients with chronic prostatitis shows significant, (P<0.05) improvment in sperm viability started from 5'1' hour and in sperm motility started at 411' hour of incubation. Nitroglycerin adhesive patches (adhered to shaved lower part of the abdomen) did not show teraiogenie 'effect . In conclusion the improvement of sperm motility and viability by nitroglycerin encour”e further work to evaluate the possible role of ,local' applied nitroglycerin in artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization in man and animals and its role in improvement of fertility in patients with VariCOCCIC .