Publications of Faculty of Medicine:ANATOMICAL SITES OF RADIAL NERVE COMPRESSION: Abstract

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Abstract This study was designed to determine the anatomical sites of radial nerve compression, and consisted of 30 upper limb specimens dissected to expose the radial nerve throughout its course through the arm and forearm and was photographed. The radial nerve was found to be crossed at least at one site in each specimen, it was found crossed by muscle bundles in the radial tunnel in 12 specimens (40%) and as it pierces the supinator muscle in another 12 specimens, (40%) and was found crossed by vascular elements in 7 specimens (23.33%), in 5 specimens as it traverses the radial tunnel and in 2 specimens at the cubital fossa. Crossing fibrous bands were reported in 7 specimens (23.33%) in the radial tunnel. extending between the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles. We can conclude that radial nerve is crossed at various sites throughout its course through the arm and forearm, however, the commonest site being in the front of the lateral intermuscular septum (at the radial tunnel) and the commonest crossing element is the muscular bundles.