Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Autogenous Vein Wrapping for Treatment of Recurrent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Abstract

Autogenous Vein Wrapping for Treatment of Recurrent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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Recurrent symptoms after carpal tunnel release are significant challenge to hand surgeons. Scarring of the median nerve is often the cause of recurrence. Re-exploration of the median nerve and neurolysis carried poor results. This nonrandomized, prospective study was designed to evaluate the outcome of autogenous saphenous N ein rapping of the median nerve as an alternative option to treat recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome. The study comprised 12 patients t 10 females, 2 males) within age range of 21-49 years. All patients had both subjective and objective evaluations. There %ere significant pain relief and improvement in the sensory disturbances. Twopoint discrimination and the findings of nerve conduction studies also improved. Eleven (91.6',T) patients were satisfied with management by this technique. This technique offers an effective and elegant alternative to the classic operations for recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome. It is simple; reliable; produces excellent results; the donor vein is readily available; harvesting is easy with minimal complications in the donor area.