Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Toxic effects of carbendazim on the rat testis (light and electron microscopic study: Abstract

Toxic effects of carbendazim on the rat testis (light and electron microscopic study
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Abstract: Carbendazim is a systemic benzimidazole lengicide that plays a very important role in plant diseases control. Carbendazim can disrupt the development or the sperms; induce Satoli cell delimitation and toxic to male reproductive mechanisms. The Present study was developed to investigate the toxic effects of carbendazim on the rat testis. In the present study, 50 male adult albino rats were used. Their body weight ranged from 200-350 grams. The rats were divided into three groups ; control group (10 rats), low dose treated group (20 rats) that were given a daily oral dose of carbendazun ( 25mg / kg / body weight ) liw one week and high dose treated group (20 rats), that were given a daily oral dose of carbendazim (400mg / kg /body weight) ler one week. The results of this study revealed that carbendazim caused sloughing of the germ cells and vacuolization of the epithelium ()I' the seminiferous tubules. In cells infiltration was also noticed. The results of the present study showed that carbendazim affected the shape of Sertoli cell and its nucleus. The results also revealed that carbendazim arrested the mitotic activity of the germ cells. Ultrastructural study showed that carbendazim caused attenuation of the acrosomal cap, degeneration of spermatogenic cells and arrest of cellular divisions. The present study proved that the effects of carbendazim were dose dependent where Hie deleterious effects were Increased with high dose of carbendazini than with low dose.