Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Anatomical reconstruction after total Gastrectomy by jejunal pouch: Abstract

Anatomical reconstruction after total Gastrectomy by jejunal pouch
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The concept ofjejunal pouch interposition after total gastrectomy for cancer is reviewed in 15 patients there were 4 (28%) deaths in early and late postoperative period due to either myocardial infarction or dissemi nated malignancy . Anastomotic leaks all from proximal anastomosis were encountered in two patients (14%), Obstruction of the pouch or its conduit by recurrent tumour was not observed in any patient including those who died from metastatic disease. There was one instance of be nign stenosis of the distal anastomosis to the duodenum and required re fashioning of anastomotic site. The long termfollowup was good as re gards, the symptoms except for mild oesophagitis due to bile reftux in 7 patients (47%). Body weight was maintained and adverse mutritional consequences were not observed.