Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Sutureless bowel anastomosis Using biofragmentable Anastomosis ring: Abstract

Sutureless bowel anastomosis Using biofragmentable Anastomosis ring
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Thirty-two cases, 18 males and 14 females, in whom bowel resection to be undertaken, were divided into two equal groups. Group A was operated upon using the bioffagmentable anastomosis ring (BAR), while manual suturing was done for group B. The results of this study showed that the time taken to perform the procedure was less in group A than group B (18 and 34 minutes, respectively). On the other hand, the incidence of leakage was more in group B than group A (12.5% & 0%). Wound complications were equal in both groups, (6.25%), ileus was reported only in group B (6.25%). The mean period of stay in the hospital was nearly equal in both groups (8.2 &9.6 days, respectively).It is concluded that this new technique offers a safe, quick and easy method of anastomosis with, more or less, negligible complications.