Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Intraoral Submandibular Sialadenectomy An Alternative For The Transcervical Approach.: Abstract

Intraoral Submandibular Sialadenectomy An Alternative For The Transcervical Approach.
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Through a prospective surgical trial we introduce an entirely intraoral technique for excision of the submandibular gland. Eight cases of submandibular sialadenectomy through the intraoral approach were performed, intru-and postoperative morbidity was analyzed. No major complications occurred, however, mild, transient pareslhesia of the lingual nerve developed in 3 patients (37.5%). Five patients (62.5%) had minor postoperative hematomas. which were resolved spontaneously. No cases of wound or deep-sited infection were reported. No case of facial palsy was encountered. We can conclude that the intraoral submandibular sialadenectomy is a safe alternative to extraoral approach with its major advantages being the avoidance of an external scar and injury to the marginal mandibular nerve or the hypoglossal nerve.