Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Post Burn Contracture Neck :Classification and management.: Abstract

Post Burn Contracture Neck :Classification and management.
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Our study included 25 patients with moderate to severe neck contracture .Three surgical modalities were used : *-release and split thickness skin graft (10 cases) ,*- epaulet flap or supraclavicular fasciocutaneous flap(7 cases) *-Z- plasty in( 8 cases).The overall complication rate was 20% in the form of —partial loss of skin graft in the first modality (2 cases)-partial gapping of the donor area in second modality (2cases)and distal necrosis in z-plasty ( 1 case) The results were discussed and it was concluded that prophylaxis must be done to prevent post burn contracture neck by splintage,early grafting and physiotherapy.But if the contracture was already formed ,the coverage of the defect after the release is better reconstructed by a flap (z-plasty—supraclavicular flaps) than to be reconstructed by split thickness skin graft.