Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Laparoscopy In Diagnosis Of Acute Lower Abdominal Pain: Abstract

Laparoscopy In Diagnosis Of Acute Lower Abdominal Pain
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Thirty patients with acute lower abdominal pain of uncertain diagnosis were the material of this study. After a short time of observation without a definitive diagnosis. laparoscopic exploration was performed to help in establishing a correct diagnosis and management and avoid unnecessary laparotomy. At laparoscopy the diagnosis of acute appendicitis was made in ten patients. Gynaecological pathology was diagnosed in thirteen patients one patient had Mekel's diverticulitis. while in six patients no definitive pathology was found. One patient among the last six had acute appendicitis as the appendix was riot visualized completely, laparoscopy reduced the number of un necessary laparotomy. The procoeditres and the results were reviewed with the conclusion that laparoscopy is safe and useful as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in management of patients with uncertain diagnosis of acute lower abdominal pain .