Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Flutamide Induces Xenoestrogenic Environment in Rat testes: Light and Electromicroscopic Evaluation: Abstract

Flutamide Induces Xenoestrogenic Environment in Rat testes: Light and Electromicroscopic Evaluation
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Abstract: Objectives: To evaluate the toxic effects of prenatal flutamide exposure on testicular structure and ultrastructure of pubertal rats. Materials and Methods: 40 newly born male albino rats were divided into: Control group: included 10 offspring whose mothers were injected subcutaneously by vehicle only from the 101h gestational day until birth and Study group: included 20 offspring whose mothers were injected by flutamide in a dose of 5 mg /day dissolved in vehicle from the 10th gestational day until birth. Whai rats reached the adult age, they were sacrificed and both testicles were removed and prepared for light microscopic (LM) and electron microscopic (EM) examination. Results: LM examination of treated animals' specimens showed seminiferous tubules containing few numbers of germ cells, spennatogOnia and spermatocvtes with degenerated material in the cavity, but contains no sperms. Part of the seminiferous tubule contained edematous fluid in between the germ cells and the lumen of the tubule contains debris of degenerated cells. EM examination showed little number of degenerated primary spermatocytes and Sertoli cells with multiple vacuoles in their cytoplasm, but no sperms were detected in lumen. Higher magnifications showed degenerated Satoh cells with multiple vacuoles in its cytoplasm and degenerated spermatogonia. In other parts of the seminiferous tubules. Satoh cells appeared deeply infolded (lobulated nucleus) with vacuolated cytoplasm_ Degenerated spermatogonia with rounded nuclei and patches of heterochromatin appeared resting on irregular basal lamina_ Degenerated spermatocytes with shrunken nuclei were also seen. Basal lamina was distorted with collagen deposits. Sertoh cells cytoplasm contained scanty mitochondria with loss of its cristae. Conclusion: Prenatal exposure to tlutamide has deleterious effect on adult testicular function as regards sperrnatogenesis with proved ultrastructural changes and pregnant females should be instructed to avoid exposure to flutamide either as occupational exposure or as therapeutic use. fAbilel Wanes Alawdan; Sadeia Shalaby; Essam Mehlab; Omar Abdul Aziz and Ali M_ Ali Flutamide Induces Xenoestrogenic Environment in Rat testes: Light and ElectromicroscopieEvaluation. Journal of American Science 2011; 7(10): 454-4621 (ISSN: 1545-1003).