Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Ultrastructural Study Of The Human Labial Minor Salivary Glands: Abstract

Ultrastructural Study Of The Human Labial Minor Salivary Glands
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Abstract This study included- eight healthy volunteer subjects (6 males and 2 females) all aged above 25 years selected from E.N.T. outpatient clinic in Bertha University hospital. Under local anesthesia, biopsies were taken from the lower lip via a single 1-1.5cm horizontal incision then the mucosa reapposed by one plain catgut 3/0 suture which healed completely within five days. The biopsies were then prepared for electron microscopic examination to study the ultrastructure of the human labial minor salivary glands. Inside the cells of the secretory acini are found secretory granules, ribosomes, rough endoplasmic .reticulum and many mitochondria that were seen in a healthy condition. The results of this study confirmed that the minor labial salivary glands consist of secretory cells which appeared in 3 stages (light, dark and intermediate cells). Our results indicated that the human minor labial salivary glands are a good model for studying the physiology and pathology of the human exocrine glands, so can be used in developing diagnostic clinical assays. -