Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Sonourethrographic Evaluation of the Distal Male Urethra for Assessment of Urethral Stricture: Abstract

Sonourethrographic Evaluation of the Distal Male Urethra for Assessment of Urethral Stricture
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Twenty eight male patients with known or suspected urethral stricture were evaluated preoperatively by sonourethrography and standard X-ray urethrography for comparative analysis of these techniques and to verify the incidence of recurrence in patients who underwent visual internal urethrotomy (25 patients). Those patients were classified into 2 groups, group A were patients with peristrictural scar (15 patients) and group B were patients without scar (10 patients). The incidence of recurrence in group A was 20% (3 patients), while there was no evidence of recurrence in group B. The advent of color Doppler ultrasound has made it possible to obtain information about the location of urethral arteries. The efficacy of this technique was evaluated, and it proved useful in guiding the site chosen for urethrotomy as the location of the urethral arteries was more variable than is commonly believed. In conclusion, sonourethrography proved a simple, yet sensitive and reliable diagnostic study that can provide more accurate information regarding stricture length, lumen caliber and extent of spongiofibrosis than radiologic urethrography. Doppler ultrasound is of value in planning the urethrotomy incision. Key Words: Urethra, urethral stricture, diagnostic imaging, ultrasonography