Publications of Faculty of Medicine:SERUM CALCIUM IN BIRTH ASPHYXIA: Abstract

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Serum calcium (ca t) potassium (IC), magnesium (mg") and blood glucose were determined at birth, 24 hours and 48 hours after birth in 51 asphyxiated term newborns as well as 15 healthy controls of matched age & sex. Serum ca' and blood glucose were significantly lower in the asphyxiated group than in the control group at birth and at 24 hours after birth. To the contrary, serum IC and rne+ were significantly higher in the asphyxiated neonates than in the control group at the same age periods. More prominent changes were noticed in the severe cases of birth asphyxia in comparison with the mild and moderate cases. Blood glucose and serum electrolytes levels were almost the same in the asphyxiated group and the healthy controls by the end of 48 hours after birth. The study emphasized the association between birth asphyxia and alteration of serum calcium, potassium, magnesium & blood glucose in the first 48 hours of life which might be reflected on the outcome of these cases.