Publications of Faculty of Medicine:lenkotlriene B4 and Ovarian steroids in human parturition and their inter-relationships: Abstract

lenkotlriene B4 and Ovarian steroids in human parturition and their inter-relationships
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This study was done to examine the role and local changes of leukotriene IL (1:1130, progesterone (I') and estradiol (E2) in amniotic fluid and umbilical cord blood during human parturition. Cord blood samples were taken immediately oiler birth or the fetus in all studied groups, while amniotic 11tH ii as collected by transabdominal route front fifteen non laboring women (control elective caesarean section, group 1) and by transvaginal amniotomy (group II) from twenty women in spontaneous vaginal term labor and filleen women in pretenn labor (group III). The concentrations of 1:1134, P were measured by enzyme immunoassay and radioimmunoassay, respectively. Amniotic fluid concentrations of 1:1114 were significantly increased in spontaneous vaginal term labor compared to those in elective ,eet ion group and preterit' labor (I)<0.05, l'1<0.05). Also umbilical cord blood concentrations of LTI34 were significantly icreased in spontaneous vaginal term and preterit' labor group (11