Publications of Faculty of Medicine:VITAMIN E AND SELENIUM IN DIABETES MELLITUS: Abstract

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This study was done on fifty nine (59) diabetic patients in n firlition to sixteen (16) normal healthy subjects. The diabetic patients were classified into 45 non-insulindependent diabetics iVEDD (14 with retinopathy and 31 without retinopathy) and forteen (14) insulin dependent dian betics IDD (7 with retinopathy and 7 without retinopathy). In this present study, it was found that, serum selenium was significantly decreased (P < 0.01) in NIDD in comparison with both controls and IDD, but serum selenium showed non significant change between NEM with and without retinopathy. On the other hand, serum vitamin E was significantly decreased in both WIDD (Pc 0.05) and IDD (P < 0.01) in comparison with controls and also, significantly decreased (P < 0.01) in IDD with retinopathy in relation to IDD without retinopathy. From this study, we concluded that the age may have a role in the decreased level of serum selenium in 1VTDD and the decreased level of serum vitamin E may be related to diabetic retinopathy in IDD.