Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Diagnostic Approach Of Non-Mass Forming Breast Calcifications: Abstract

Diagnostic Approach Of Non-Mass Forming Breast Calcifications
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Purposes: To evaluate diagnostic approach of non-mass forming breast calcifications, to find out correlation between Age of the patients and Morphology of calcifications. (Benign or malignant) and how to avoid unnecessary interventions. Background: Microcalcification diagnosis is challenged by presence of dense parenchyma resulting in low specificity values and unnecessary biopsies. Patients and methods: The study included 85 female patients; between 23-52 years age range divided into; Group A: 30 (35%) <35years old and Group B: 55 (65%) >35 years old. All patients undergoing Mammography, Guided biopsy (US. Guided FNAC was done for 12 cases where trucut biopsy was contraindicated) or Trucut wide bore biopsy using automated gun-shot and Surgical biopsy (by Hookwire needle localization).