Publications of Faculty of Medicine:LAPAROSCOPIC ORCHIOPEXY OF UNDESCENDED TESTES: Abstract

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Ten boys with non-palpable testes were included in this study. All boys were studied by clinical examination, urinalysis, complete blood count, hormonal measurement in bilateral cases (FSH, LH and testosterone) and inguinal ultrasound. The age of the studied group ranged from 2.5 to 11 years. The disease was unilateral in seven boys and bilateral in three. Eleven testes were found to be intracanalicular in position and two intra-abdominal. Operative time ranged from 70 to 120 minutes. Complications encountered included preperitoneal insuffiation in one, infection in two and pneumoscrotum in two patients. Nine-month mean follow-up showed persistent dependent scrotal position without atrophy or retraction in any case. The technique proved to be an accurate diagnostic procedure and could be a reliable alternative surgical modality.