Publications of Faculty of Medicine:PARABULBAR (FLUSH) LOCAL ANAESTHESIA: Abstract

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The efficacy and safety of parabulbar (Flush) anaesthesia was investigated prospectively in 50 eyes of 36 patients undergoing various anterior segment surgical procedures. We used a No. 24 canrtula to deliver the anaesthetic mixture (Flush) to the sub-Tenon space of the inferior temporal or nasal qi tneirants. The effect of anaesthesia was graded 0 to 5 depending on the adequacy of anaesthesia- alcinesia with or without supplementation. Thirty eyes underwent ECCE and 10L, Nine eyes underwent phakoemulsification and foldable 10L. Six eyes underwent subscleral trabeculectomy and _five eyes underwent secondary IOL implantation with or without anterior vitrectorn Mean duration of surgery was 52.8 minutes. In 86% of eyes (grades 4 and 5), no supplementation was required. Local supplementation was needed in 10% of eyes. Both local and systemic supplementation were needed in 4% (grade 2 and 3) for inadequate anaesthesia or alcinesia or both. No serious ocular or systemic complications occurred. Early onset of anaesthesia correlm`Pd with adequate anaesthesia throughout the procedure (P<0.03). Conclusion: parabulbar (Flush) anaesthesia is a safe and effective technique of local anaesthesia in patients undergoing different anterior segment surgeries.