Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Transrectal Color Doppler Sonographic Findings in Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis Patients: Abstract

Transrectal Color Doppler Sonographic Findings in Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis Patients
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This study is to determine whether the chronic non-bacterial prostatitis patient is associated with abnormalities in the degree or distribution of prostatic blood (low and the potential role of color doppler ultrasonography in evaluating these patients. Transrectal color doppler ultrasonography was performed on 60 patients with chronic non-bacteria] prostatitis and on 20 healthy men as a control group. Standardized review, discrepancies and scoring of ultrasonographic images were carried out depicting the amount and distribution of vascularity in the prostate (capsule and pa renchyma). Blood flow was observed to the entire prostatic capsule in 75% of patients but only 20% of controls (p<0.0001). The prostatic parenchymal flow was evaluated using several criteria. On a 2-point scale, flow was clas sified as grade 2 in 75% of patients compared to 30% of controls (p< 0.0001). Similar findings were noted on a dop pler spot scale, with flow classified as grade 2 in 48% of patients compared to 15% of controls (p<0.004). Patients also had more parenchymal doppler spots than controls (p< 0.01). Diffuse blood flow throughout the prostatic paren chyma was observed in 65% of patients compared to 35% of controls (p<0.03). We documented significant increase flow in the prostatic capsule and diffuse flow throughout the parenchyma in patients with chronic non-bacterial pros tatitis syndrome. In addition, patients with or without objective evidence of inflammation demonstrated similar abnor malities. We concluded that color doppler ultrasonography may provide an objective measure for evaluating the chronic noil-bacterial prostatitis patients..