Publications of Faculty of Medicine:VISUAL IMPAIRMENT AFTER SPINE SURGERY: Abstract

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Purpose: To study the effect of spine surgery on the intraocular pressure (10P) and the end visual outcome at various situations. Patients and methods: 45 patients, grade I & II American Society Association (ASA) fitness were assigned to undergo spine surgery under general anaesthesia. Patients were divided into three equal groups: group I; performed spine surgery on prone position, group II; the same in addition to pre-operative martnitol 0.5 gram/ icy, and group III: performed the surgery on the lateral position. 10P was measured before pre-medication, after induction of anaesthesia in supine position, half an hour after position change. at the end of surgery before position alternation and before emergence from anaesthesia on supine position. At each estimation of MP, mean arterial pressure (MAP) and heart rate (HR) were recorded.