Publications of Faculty of Medicine:High Vacuum Phacoemulsification Technique In Cataract Surgery*: Abstract

High Vacuum Phacoemulsification Technique In Cataract Surgery*
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Background : Phacoemulsification offers the advantage of cataract removal through a small wound which decreases the surgical complications and enhances rehabilitation (I). In phacoemulsification, corneal endothelial loss was correlated to duration of ultrasound power used. The longer the duration, the greater is the loss (2). Increasing the power carries the risk of increasing the insult. While decreasing the power causes less effective cutting power and more stress on capsule and zonules. Vacuum is one of the tools that can be used in phacoemulsification. It can be used as a holding power at probe port for efficient cutting. It also, aspirates soft materials and therefore reduces the need for ultrasound power.