Publications of Faculty of Medicine:A SIMPLE AND SAFE CAPSULAR STAINER: Abstract

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Continuous curvilinear capsalorhexis (ccc) in cataracts without red reflex offers a difficulty and challenge to the cataract surgeons due to poor visibility .Different techniques have been developed to solve the problem. The capsular staining using different stains like fluorescein sodium . Indocyartin green. trypan blue and gentian violet helps in better visualization. However the toxicity of these dyes has not been completely excluded. So. in order to minimize these effects, the minimal amount of these dyes with the least concentration must be used. A new capsular stainer has been developed which utilizes the idea cif a simple dropper is presented by which a microdrop of the stain is relieved above the anterior capsule before dispersing it forming a homogenous layer of stain. This newly designed instrument has the advantages of being completely controllable . using only one hand with the least amount of dye(s) and best quality capsular staining preventing the unavoidable excessive staining of the ocular tissues met with when an ordinary insulin syringe has been used