Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Red Cabbage Ameliorate Diabetic Nephropathy in Rats: Abstract

Red Cabbage Ameliorate Diabetic Nephropathy in Rats
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urinary protein excretion in type I diabetic patients with diabetic nephropathy, whereas it was found to elicit an increase in urinary protein excretion when red cabbage were consumed by type 2 diabetic patients. This study aims to investigate the effects of red cabbage in diabetic nephropathy, particularly the effects of consuming red cabbage on the histopathology of diabetic nephropathy, using aquaporin (AQP) and osteopontin (OPN) expression as diagnostic markers. Male Sprague- Dawley rats were assigned to one of three groups: control, diabetic with red chow diet and diabetic with red cabbage diet. For histological examination, the expression of OPN and AQP, were evaluated at the end of the study. Improvements in glomerular and tubulointerstitial lesions were demonstrated in the diabetic rat group given a red cabbage diet. OPN and AQP expression were suppressed In the kidney specimens of diabetic rats with the red cabbage diet. In conclusion, red cabbage may prevent the morphological disruption of the kidney associated with • diabetes mellitus. Red cabbage also may improve glycemic control. It seems likely that long-term control of blood glucose levels using red 1 cabbage diet could prevent the progression of diabetes mellitus, and therefore, nephropathy could be prevented.