Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Kaposfs Sarcoma : clinicopathological, immunohistochemical and image analysis study: Abstract

Kaposfs Sarcoma : clinicopathological, immunohistochemical and image analysis study
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collected from the Dermatology. Department Benha University Hospitals and from the files of Pathology Department, Zagazig University . All cases were of the classical type and non of them was AIDSassociated . The cases included early lesions , patches and plaques (4casfes) and nodular lesions (8 cases) .All specimens were performed using FV111 RA , CD34 ( QBEnd/10)ndTaminin . The staining and image analysis were done in the Early Cancer Detection Unit Zagazig University . The endothelial cell lining vascular spaces stained by FV111 RA with variable staining intensity in all cases . CD34 immunoreactivity was observed in endothelial cells lining vascular spaces in 10 out of 12 cases (83.3%) with variable but weaker staining intensity while laminin immunoreactivity was obsserved in only 7 out of 12 cases (58.3%) , with mild and patchy positive reaction . The spindle cell component revealed mild patchy positive reaction for FV111 RA ( 8 out of 12 cases , 66.7% ) , more distinct positive reaction for CD34 ( 11 out of 12 cases , 91.67% ) and laminin ( 9 out of 12 cases, 75% ) with variable staining intensity.DNA image analysis was done in all cases and the results were correlated with clinical and immunohistochemical findings. The study concluded that Kaposi's sarcoma is a tumor of endothelial origin with strongly suggested derivation of spindle cell elements in both early and late nodular lesions from lymphatic endothelium, rather than blood vascular endothelium