Publications of Faculty of Medicine:AtopicDermatitis:Role of Langerhans Cells: Abstract

AtopicDermatitis:Role of Langerhans Cells
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Tissue fromnon-infected eruption offifty AD subjects, non-lesional skin of10patients and from normal skin of 10 healthy persons was subjected to direct immunofluorescence tech nique using fiuorescein isothiocyanate la belled antiserumspecific for IgE and indirect immunofluorescence technique using mono clonal antibodies, IgE was detected in the lesional skin of 88%ofcases in both epidermis and dermis. T-helper cells were present in all biopsiesfromlesional skin while T-suppressor cells were present in fewer num-ber of biopsies. Langerhans cells (LCs) were found in all biopsies from lesional skin of AD patients. This study suggests that IgE mediated type IV hypersensitivity may be implicated in the ae tiology ofatopic dermatitis