Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Serumleptin level in infertile oligozoospermicmales: Abstract

Serumleptin level in infertile oligozoospermicmales
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Leptin is an adipocyte-secreted protein that participates in the regulation of energy homeostasis. ^ighty men were investigated; fertile normozoospermia as a control (n=30) and infertile oligozoospermia (n=50). The patients under^ent estimation of body weight (kg), height (cm), calculation of body mass index (BM1), semen analysis, serum leptin and testosterone hormones;Mean body weight was significantly higher in infertile oligozoospermia compared to controls. Mean height, BM1 and serum testosterone levels showed nonsignificant differences between the 2 groups. Infertile . oligozoospermia had significantly higher mean serum leptin level than controls (mean it SD; 8.65 i 6.88 ,16.3 13.98 ng/ml, p<0,01). Serum leptin demonstrated significant positive correlation with age, body weight, BMI, and significant inverse correlation with serum testosterone. It had nonsignificant correlation with the height and sperm concentration. These results are suggestive of a link between the adipocyte derived hormone, leptin, and male reproduction.