Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Pathology of Granular Myringitis (A light and Electronmicroscopic Study): Abstract

Pathology of Granular Myringitis (A light and Electronmicroscopic Study)
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Granular myringitis is characterized by the development of granulation tissue over the tympanic membrane and adjacent canal. The condition can be misdiagnosed as chronic otitis media complicated with granulations, Since intermittent purulent discharge is the commonest symptom in both disorders. Differentiation is based mainly on clinical findings which may be difficult sometimes. In the present work, microscopical examination, by both light and electron microscopes, of the granulation found in both criteria of each condition. Although the components of the granulation tissue are similar:there are some subtle differences which are discussed in details. During our electronmicroscopic examination of the specimens from granular myringitis intracellular inclusion bodies were detected frequently. This suggests that viruses may be etiological factor. Key words : granular myringitis, pathology, electronmicroscopy, virus.