Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Nasal soft tissue obstruction improvement after septoplasty without turbinectomy: Abstract

Nasal soft tissue obstruction improvement after septoplasty without turbinectomy
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The objective of the study was to evaluate the outcome of septoplasty without inferior turbinectomy in patients with septum deviation and nasal obstruction. After exclusion of allergic rhinitis, this study included 30 patients with deviated nasal septum and hypertrophied inferior nasal turbinate who were prepared for septoplasty without turbinectomy. After full history taking and complete otorhinological examination, all patients graded their extent of obstruction using the Nasal Obstruction Symptoms Evaluation scale and underwent CT scans to evaluate) the side and shape of deviation, thickness of the med. lateral mucosa and inferior conchal bone on bo concave and convex sides. Postoperative (PO) low-up consisted of evaluation of surgical outc asal obstruction grading and patient's satisfactio imaging was repeated for evaluation of the previo ms and to compare with preoperative data. Allligf,r tges were conducted smoothly without intraoperat Vomplications and all were managed as day surgeryjli mean duration of follow-up was 20.1 ± 4.4 mjv1 ll patients showed progressive significant decline nasal obstruction symptoms and only eight patients still had mild symptoms. Patients' satisfaction scores showed significant progressive