Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Extended Field of View Ultrasonography: Utility in Musculo-Skeletal Disorders: Abstract

Extended Field of View Ultrasonography: Utility in Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
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Real time ultrasound (U/S) scanning is useful to detect abnormalities of musculo-skeletal system (MSK) and shows the effect of movement. However, documentation is best with the extended field of view (Fov) ultrasonography. This new imaging technique identifies identical structures on two successive images for position registration to display a large area in real time without position sensors. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the usefulness of extended Foy U/S in dEpTayinkudnd documenting on a single, static image a more panoramic depiction of MSK abnormality and its tePItiorlthip io adjacent structures. Abnormalities of tendons, muscles, and soft tissue infection and masses are examples of leSions documented by high frequelicy extended Foy U/S. Our study was monitored for 24 months period and included 18 patients (7 male and II females) of variable age groups. 6 patients with tendon pathology, 3 with muscle pathology, 8 with soft tissue masses, and 1 of bony lesion. Large resolution preserved composite images of up to 30 cm were obtained. The results showed that the display of the relationship of abnormalities to surrounding structures is very important and allow for better interpretation of findings and appreciation of the diagnosis on a static image. Also, easily useful applicable comparative measurements on follow up scanning was done. In conclusion, Extended Fov U/S allowed: (a) better appreciation of MSK disorders. (b) sizing of large masses on a single global image. (c) relating the lesion to surrounding structures. (d) greater measurement reproducibility at follow up scanning in circumstances under which conventional real lime scans could not provide this information.