Publications of Faculty of Medicine:EFFECT OF CIGARETTE SMOKING ON THE COCHLEA: Abstract

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Cigarette smoking is a major health problem. Clinical studies have suggested that cigarette smoking may be associated with hearing loss. The effect of smoking on the cochlear functions Was studied in a sample of 80 volunteers aged 20-40 yrs. They were divided into 50 regular cigarette smokers "study group" and 30 non-smokers "control group". The two groups were subjected to full history, pure tone audiometry. speech audiometry. immittancemetry and Transient evoked otoacoustic emissions. The results of TEOAEs showed 24% failed responses. 32% partial pass responses in the study group in comparison to near normal responses in the control group. Also there were decrease in the amplitude of TEOAEs in the study group compared to the control group. this difference was statistically significant The duration of smoking showed significant effect on the results of TEOAEs in contrast to the age which showed no effect. The authors concluded that cigarette smoking has an effect on cochlear functions at the level of outer hair cells resulting in hearing Loss.