Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Prognostic Significance of C-Met and p27 Expression in Cancer Breast: Abstract

Prognostic Significance of C-Met and p27 Expression in Cancer Breast
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Aim: To examine C-met and P27 protein levels in specimens of invasive breast carcinomas and adjacent breast tissue and to compare both of them with breast cancer clinical outcome. Methods: Paraffin-sections from previously diagnosed breast cancer were graded, staged and followed-up for 5 years. Ten apparently normal breast tissues near by benign breast tumors were also used as normal control. Three sections of 4 micron thickness were obtained for every case. One is H&E stained for diagnosis reviewing and confirmation. The other 2 sections are immunohistochemically stained for C-met and Results: The data of immunohistochemical results were correlated with following conventional prognostic variables: Tumor grade, stage, distant metastasis and 5 year survial. The results showed a significant and highly significant relationship between c-met expression on one hand and the tumor grade and stage on the other (p<0.05 & <0.001). Correlating C-met expression with distant metastasis and overall survival showed a positive highly significant relationship with distant metastasis (p<0.01) and a negative significant one with overall survival (p<0.05). The results showed also a significant and highly significant relationships between p27 expression score on one hand and breast carcinoma 5-year survival, grade and distant metastasis on the other (p<0.05, <0.001 and 0.001respectively). Conclusion: In conclusion, C-met and p27 could be considered as independent prognostic factors in breast carcinoma. In addition C-met could be a promising putative target in breast cancer therapy.