Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Management of Extrahepatic Hydatid Cyst: Abstract

Management of Extrahepatic Hydatid Cyst
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From January 1991 to December 1993, 55 hydatid lesions in 51 patients were managed in Al Quassim Region Saudi Arabia in 3 Hospitals. Diagnosis was made using clinical criteriae, serology, and imaging techniques. Extra hepatic hydatid cysts were present in 34.6% of our patients (Lung 22%, spleen 3.6%, peritoneal cavity 3.6%, pelvis 1.8%, greater omentum 1.8% and Breast 1.8%) . Four patients had undergone previous surgery for hydatid disease. Forty four of our patients were operated upon out of which 14 with extra hepatic disease (9 excision via thoracotomy, 1 splenectomy, I partial cystectomy of splenic cyst, 1 excision of intra peritoneal cystes, 1 exision of pelvic cyst and 1 excision of breast cyst. The mean hospital stay for extra hepatic cysts was 10.5 days. There was no mortality or major complications in this study. Patients were followed up every 6 months with a mean follow up of 2.2 ± 0.5 years no recurrence could be detected during this period