Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Vitiligo and HLA System : Abstract

Vitiligo and HLA System
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the association of HLA antigens with vitiligo re- mainsa controversial issue. In order to determine which, if any. HLA markers were associated with an increased risk of vitiligo we investigated HLA antigens in 50 patients with vitiligo and in 50 controls using the standard microlymphocytotoxic method. Vitiligo patients had significant increase in HLA-A1, A19. B ie. CW4. DR7. and DQ3 compared to controls. Familial vitiligo is marked by increased frequency of HLA-A2s. B16. B17, B48. CW7; and DQ3, while non- familial vitiligo is marked by increased frequency of HLA-A1. CW6 and DR13. These findings suggest that immunogenetic mechanisms may be responsible for vitiligo. Also there may be heterogenecity in the pathogenic process between familial and non- familial vitiligo