Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Role of Endoscopy in Assessment of Nasal Obstruction: Abstract

Role of Endoscopy in Assessment of Nasal Obstruction
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Nasal obstruction carries a special importance in rhinologic practice for its frequency as a manifestation of most nasosinus diseases. One hundred patients complaining of nasal obstruction included in this study were subjected to full ENT examination and conventional sinus x ray films. Provisional diagnosis of the cause of nasal obstruction was put forward and they were categorized as 40 patients with deviated septum (D.S), 24 patients with hypertrophied inferior turbinate (HIT), 20 patients with nasal polypi, 6 patients with antrochoanal polyp, 6 patients with persistent adenoid and 4 patients with nasal mass. Endoscopic examination of the nose ruled out other causes of nasal obstruction as hypertrophied bulla-ethmoidalis in 40% of patients with D.S and in 66% of patients with HIT. Also an overhanging and hypertrophied middle turbinate was found in 45% of cases with D.S. and they were 50% of cases with hypertrophy of MT as well as 30% of cases with nasal polypi. Hypertrophied posterior end of inferior turbinate was found in 30% of cases with hypertrophied I.T. Posterior septal deviation was found in 30% of cases with D.S. , in 16% of cases with nasal polypi. So it can be seen that many hidden calicos of nasal obstruction could be ruled out by the use of sinuscope that will affect the line of management.