Publications of Faculty of Medicine:MIDDLE EAR EFFUSION (M.E.E.) IN NEONATES: Abstract

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his study is designated to establish the normal Moscopic appearance of the newborn tympanic membrane, with possible variations that may suggest Middle ear effusion (MEE), and to determine prospesctively the prevalence and bacteriology of MEE in neonates admitted to the NICU in comparison to a control group of full-term neonates. The present study was performed on two groups of neonates. The first included 60 neonates admitted to the NICU and the second group intuded 100 full-term newborn. A higher incidence of MEE has been reported among ICU neonates (30%) than among full-term neoinats (12%). There were no statistical significant for sex and age of neonates in relation to MEE affection. As regard the percentage of MEE in high risk neonates we found that 33.3% of premature babies showed MEE and 50 % of neonates with pneumonia had MEE. If pneumonia was complicated by septicaemia, MEE occurred in 66.7% of these cases. In case of neonates with hyperbilirubinaemia, we diagnosed MEE in 20% of these cases. In