Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Tympanometry in otitis media with effusion: Abstract

Tympanometry in otitis media with effusion
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Otitis media with effusion is clinically important because the variable conductive deafness it produces during early school years may impair the child educational progress and because it is considered to be the precursor for all forms of chronic suppurative ear diseases in late life. This study was conducted on 50 children diagnosed as having chronic middle ear effusion (M.E.E.) depending on full history (no response to medical treatment for 3 months), clinical and audiological examinations. Pure tone audiometry and tympanometry were done for every child followed by myringotomy (with detection of the nature of effusion) and tube insertion. Adenoidectorny was done when there was adenoid hypertrophy. Tympanometry was found to be more sensitive in detection of M.E.E. and its nature than pure tone audiometry (which can help diagnosis of mucoid M.E.E. as it is associated with greater degree of hearing loss). Application of tympanostomy tubes is recorrunended in cases with type B tympanogram when associated with hearing loss more than 35 dB.