Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Performance of Alloderm and Lyophilized Dura Grafts in Tympanoplasty: Abstract

Performance of Alloderm and Lyophilized Dura Grafts in Tympanoplasty
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Grafting of tympanic membrane is nowadays a relatively ;an easy surgical procedure as long as suitable material is available for closure, but still every material has advantage and disadvantage. The most commonly used autograft is the temporalis fascia but cases need revision tympanoplasty the grafting material may be not available. There are new alter native donor in the form of allografts and xenografts to replace the usual autografts if not available as alloderm and lyophilized dura respectively. The aim of this study was to assess the healing and hearing results of these materials in grafting of tympanic membrane perforation versus commonly used tem poralis fascia.