Faculty of Medicine: Department of CLINICAL & CHEMICAL PATHOLOGY

Ibrahim Mohamed EL Saiad Rageh
Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim El-Shafae
Osama Saad Hasaneen El-Shaer
Adel Marzouk Ali Omar Agha
enas alsharawy
Fetnat Mahmoud Tolba
Magda Abd el Aziz Mustafa Zedan
Mahmoud Abdalla Mohamed Al-Azzouny
Mohamed Ali El-Hindi
Neveen Ahmed Abdul-Hafeez Ibraheem Soliman
# Activity Name Year
1 Sharing in the organizing committee for the Annual Medical Conference Benha Faculty of Medicine 2000
2 ARMed 2003
3 Sharing in teaching Immunology intensive course for students at Mansoura University 2003
4 Sharing in the organizing committee for the Annual Medical Conference Benha Faculty of Medicine 2003
5 Sharing in evaluation of papers & researches submitted for promotion to the position of full professors. 2004
6 Teaching Immunology course for MSc students at Menoufiya University 2006
7 Teaching Immunology course for MD students at Menoufiya University 2006
8 Member of the triad committee for evaluation of projects from Mansoura University. 2007
9 EQAS for Haematology 2009
10 Attendance of the 10th Pan Arab Blood Transfusion Conference (April 29-30, 2015) 2015
11 Chairperson and Speaker in the 5th Annual Conference of Clinical Pathology in collaboration with the Egyptian Society of Transfusion Medicine { Lab. Medicine, Future Possibilities & Expectations} 27/4/2015 2015
12 Attendance of the "Reform of Undergraduate Medical Program in Egypt- NARS 2017 2017
Safia Mohamed Mahmmoud Dayab
ahmed albadawy
Ahmed Mamdouh Awadallah Marzouk
Anas Abd El-Rhman Yousef
Azza Ahmed Ibrahim Abo senna
Eman Ramadan Abdel Gawad Khater
Gamal Eliwa Mohamed abdelslam
Hesham Ali Mohamed Abdel-Halim Issa
Jehan Hassan Sabry El-Badry Rayan
Khaled Moustafa Ibrahium Belal
Mona El-Toukhy Mohamed Fouda
Soheir Abd-el-Rahman Abd-el-Samie Ebraheem
# Activity Name Year
1 Black horse family, general supervisor 2004
Taghreed Abd Elsamee
Yasser Mahmoud Mohammad Ismail
# Activity Name Year
1 Infection control team membership 2010
2 Activities of quality control unit in Benha Faculty of Medicine 2010
3 Association in the CIQAP proposal edited in Benha Faculty of Medicine 2010
4 Editing the Clinical pathology Book for graduates 2010
Abed ibrahim abdelhamid aboelmkarm
Abla Ahmed EmadEldin Alrabat
Deena A Elshabrawy
# Activity Name Year
1 Member of the culture committee, Benha Faculty of medicine 2013
2 Advisor of the social committee, Benha University 2013
Howyda Mohamed Kamal Shaaban Sayed Ahmed
Nashwa Mohamed Emara
Sahar Mohamed Abd Elhameed Fayed
# Activity Name Year
1 member of infection control team in Banha University Hospital 2013
Afaf Fathy Abdel halim Khamiss
Aiada mohamed thabet mohamed ali
Amira Mohamed Nour El-Din Mohamed
Amira Ibrahim Mansour Ahmed
Asmaa Adel Hafez Hassan
basma mohammed ahmed salem
Dalia Mohamed AbdElhaseeb Ahmed
Dina Saad Abd ELmotalleb Ibraheem
Eman Gamal Behiry
Enas Sebaay Ahmed Mustafa
Ghada Mohamed Mahmoud Abu El- Ola
Maha Mamdouh Ahmed Osman
Maha Mohamed Tahir Rashwan
Mona Mohamed Mahmoud EL-Bhissy
Mona Mohamed Mahmoud Elbahesey
Naglaa Mohahmed Ahmad Mohamed Gad
Ola Samir Ahmed El-Shimi
# Activity Name Year
1 The Quality Management Training Course of Blood Banks at National Blood Transfusion Center, 21st Dec., 2008 to 15th Feb., 2009, Cairo, Egypt. 2008
2 The 13th+1 International Course for Clinical Immunology for Infectious Diseases (ICCI) which held in Fayoum University at 20 October-24 November 2009, Fayoum, Egypt. 2009
3 Trained on Cell culture and Flourecence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) techniques at Molecular and Cytogenitics Unit, Tanta University, Egypt during M.Sc. research work (2009-2010). 2010
4 Trained on Molecular Biology techniques, genetic studies and Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) at the genetics lab, Lübeck Institute of Expermintal Dermatology (LIED), University of Lübeck, Germany during MD research work (2013). 2013
5 The Inflammation at interface Indian Summer School “ A Comprehensive View of Experimental Approaches in Inflammation Research” of the Cluster of Excellence “Inflammation at Interfaces” held in Kiel, Germany from 19 to 21, 2013. 2013
6 Trained on Immune diagnostics in Euroimmune Academy, Lubeck, Germany and Autoimmune diagnostic laboratory, Dermatology departmnet, University of Lubeck, Germany (June 2015). 2015
Safaa Ibrahim Abbas Mansour
Seham Gouda Amin Hassan Ali
Waleed Abdellatief Abd elhleem
Amira Ali Gouda Shfik
Amira Osama Abd El-Ghafar
Basma Mohamed Mahmoud abdelAziz Elnagar
enas mossoua
Hamasat Abd Elhafeez Abd Elkhalek Abd Elkader Elnoury
Heba Abdel Moneim Ahmed Amer
Mai Nasser
Nora Mohamed Talat Abdelfattah Nassar
Ola Serag
Rana Atef Abd Elmonem Khashaba
Aya Mahmoud Abdel Salam Aboghonema
Basma Galal Ali Behary
Dina Salah Ahmed Nadeem
Khaled Mohsen Abdelfattah Elbaz
samy darwish