Faculty of Medicine: Department of CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY

Yousry A. Shaheen
# Activity Name Year
1 Clinical instructor for the 5th and 6th year medical students. 2013
2 Academic and clinical teaching for the 5th and 6th year medical students. 2013
3 Teaching program for Cardiothoracic Residents and Assistant Lecturers. 2013
4 Supervise M.Sc. and Medical Doctorate Theses in Cardiothoracic Surgery. 2013
Ahmed Mahmoud Ali
Mohamed Khairy Abd Alnaby Abd Alhamid Alshafey
Atef elsayed elhousini abad
Yousry El-Saied Rizk Hayes
Hany Mohamed Abdelmottalip ElRakhawy
Ibrahim Mohamed Reda kasb
Mahmoud sabry mahmoud elemam
# Activity Name Year
1 SHA29 2018
2 PAAMCC 6th cnoference 2018
Mohammad Mohammad Mohammad Saffan
Abdelhamid Fathi Ali Radwan
Ahmad Mohammed Abdulazeem
Ahmed Sobhy AbdAllah Mohamed Emara
Ashraf Mostafa Elnahas
Ataa Elrahman Abdelmordy Abdallah
Ayman Mohamed Mahmoud Shaalan
Basem Mofreh Mahmoud Abd El-Gawad
# Activity Name Year
1 Sharing in the preparation of clinical cases for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and examinations 2013
Bassem Ibrahim Elsayed Ibrahim Gadallah
Ehab Fawzy Salim Bayoumi
Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Abd Alshafy
Mahmoud Mohamed Zaki Ghalwash
Moataz El shahat Rizk Mohamed
Mohamed El Awady
# Activity Name Year
1 “Diaphragmatic Hernia”: Thesis for Master degree in surgery presented 2001
2 "Combination of vitamin C and B-blockers for prevention of atrial fibrillation after surgical myocardial vascularization. 2008". The Egyptian journal of cardiothoracic surgery, volume16, number (3-4), 39-44. 2008
3 “GIK solution improves outcome in Diabetic & non-Diabetics who have coronary artery bypass graft surgery”. Thesis for MD degree in cardiothoracic surgery Ain Shams University 2013
Mohammed Ahmed Gouda El-gazzar
Tamer Hamdy Ezz Eldeen
# Activity Name Year
1 "Post myocardial infarction complications": Thesis for Master degree in surgery presented and discussed 1997
2 "Assessment Of the Trimetazedeen as myocardial protection during C.A.B.G ". Thesis for MD degree in cardiothoracic surgery Ain Shams University.presented and discussed. 2005
Mohamed Fouad
nora abdelmoniem mahmoud
Anhar elsayed Abd elmoteleb abd ellatif
ayman eltohamy
Dina Afify Sad Afify
Khagiga Fathy Abd-Elkader Fareed
Mahmoud Mohammed Abdel Azeem Ahmed Mubarak
Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed Elsayed Omar
noha mohamed osman helal
Somia Abdrabo